Brenda Morris: Please pray for God's touch in Brenda's life. Pray for her health, finances and for her relationships.


14 Year Old young girl: Please be in prayer for Brittany Barne's niece's friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer.  Pray for healing, peace and strength for the family. (Posted 12/4/2015)


Buddy Ballard & Sandy Parish: Please pray for Buddy Ballard who is the father of Sandy Parish. Buddy is having very critical health issues that are life threatening. Buddy needs a touch from God. (Posted 12/2/2015)


Ralph Johnson (Pastor Devrow's step-father): Please pray for pastor's step-dad who is being flown to Little Rock for emergency surgery. His aorta is detaching from his heart. Pray also for safe travels for pastor and the family. (Posted 11/18/2015)

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Here is the update on pastor's step-father as of 8:45 AM Thursday. (As shared by the pastor.) The surgery started at 10:00 last night and was completed a little after 3:00 this morning. The surgeon told me that the surgery itself went good but he does have some serious concerns.

1. There was very little blood flow to my step dad's legs for quite a length of time (before he was air lifted from Ft. Smith. He's not sure of the mobility of his legs.

2. To do this type of surgery, they had to significantly lower his body temperature. As a result, it was hard on his "already weak kidneys". Therefore, he may have to have dialyses...anywhere from 2-6 weeks worth.

3. There could be brain damage.

* the doctor said that he really won't know anything until he wakes up from the heavy sedation that they have him under. After surgery they wanted him to remain sedated at least 6-10 hours, and they won't him to wake up on his own.
As a result, I was unable to see him after surgery. If all goes well, we should get to see him around 3:00 this afternoon, and the doctor should have more answers by tonight or in the morning.

Please lift these specific areas up in prayer as we support pastor and his family.

Mr. Johnson's (Pastor's step-father) doctor reports that he has kidney function and that his vitals are good. Please continue praying.


Ester and also Jackie Lindsey: Please pray for "Barbie" (Ester) as she will be undergoing surgery tomorrow (Monday.) As posted by Jackie (Ester's daughter) "Mom is having emergency surgery tomorrow morning I don't have a time we will be in the hospital for awhile we have a LONG road ahead she's very scared & this is a dangerous procedure. The port for dialysis going in the neck puts her at risk of infection & the procedure itself has risks of hitting her heart & collapsing her lung they aren't going to put her out completely for the surgery because it's too dangerous her breathing is too bad to put her under & her kidneys can't handle the anesthesia meds. They will start dialysis as soon as the port is placed. Her kidneys have shutdown completely." (Posted: Sunday 11/15/2015)


Judy Didier: Please pray for Judy Didier who is ill and not doing well. God is the Great Healer.


Brittany Barnes Grandmother: Please be in prayer for Brittany Barne's grandmother who is 93 years old. She is in hospice care and the doctors have only given her a few days to live due to failing kidneys. Please pray for comfort and peace for her and the family. (Posted 11/3/15)

Brittany reports that her grandmother's kidney function has improved. The doctors report that they are not as bad as they thought they were. Please keep her in your prayers. (Posted 11/4/15)


Terry McFarland: Please pray for Terry and his daughter Ashley and 2 year old grandson who was in a serious car accident Sunday Afternoon. Fortunately, the injuries were no more severe than they were. Ashley has a sprained ankle, but Terry has a fractured wrist. He is going into surgery Wednesday at 10:00 AM. Please pray for a complete healing of these injuries with no complications and a restoration of all property (vehicle) that was lost. Terry asks that you also pray for the two ladies that hit them. (Posted 10/20/15)


Terry Overstreet:Terry's grandmother passed away today (Thursday 10/8/15.) Please pray for Terry as he prepares to make the trip to New Orleans to attend the funeral. Pray for peace, comfort and safe passage.


 Please be in prayer for Melanie Haddock and her family. Melanie's mom. Shirley Frizzell, passed away within the past hour. Pray for peace and the comfort of the Holy Spirit as they grieve from their loss. (Posted 3:07 PM 10/3/15)


Nikki Albritton:Nikki's aunt is in the hospital ICU suffering from a fall and from renal failure. Please be in prayer for recovery and healing for her and for the family. Please also be in prayer for Nikki's grandfather who has to bear the burden of the expense of having to return to the doctor every week for issues with his blood. God is a powerful God who can heal every infirmity and meet every need.


 A couple of weeks ago, there was a prayer request for Nikki Albritton who was in need of transportation. God has provided a good vehicle for Nikki. God answers prayers..... again!


Virginia Spangler's family: Wes, Virginia's brother-in-law, passed away yesterday morning. Please pray for comfort for the whole family during this time of grief and for safe travels as they journey to Louisiana for the funeral. (Note: Virginia also just lost her aunt very recently.) (Posted 9/20/15)


Shirley Frizzell (mother of Melanie Haddock): Shirley has been taken to ICU for a suspected blood clot in the lungs. (Posted 9/18/15 - 5:18PM)

Shirley has a large clot in her lungs and possibly two in her legs. Please continue to pray. (5:41 PM)



Wes (brothern-in-law to Virginia Spangler) is in the hospital and needs prayer. Wes needs a miracle to live. (Posted 9/18/15)


Virginia Spangler's family is in need of prayer for comfort due to the loss of her aunt. Her funeral will be Saturday. (Posted 9/18/15)


Shirley Frizzell (Melanie Haddock's mother):  Shirley has been diagnosed with Adeno Carcinoma. Please continue to pray for Shirley as she undergoes chemotherapy treatment. Pray for complete healing and remission of this disease and for peace and faith for her and the whole family.

Shirley will receive her Chemo Port tomorrow and will begin chemotherapy the following day. Please keep Shirley and the whole family in your prayers. (Updated 9/14/2015)


Alice Flake: Alice fell 10 feet from her attic (getting Christmas decorations.) Fortunately, there were no broken bones, but she is in severe pain and can't walk. Please pray for a swift recovery for Mrs. Flake.


Sidney, grandson of Sharla Goff, was bitten by a brown recluce spider and has had 2 surgeries on his leg this week to hopefully save his leg. Asking for prayer  for a miracle to take place for him and the family. (Posted 9/15/06)


Shirley Frizzell (mother of Melanie Haddock):Shirley has cancer and is awaiting official diagnosis Tuesday. Please pray for Shirley for healing, and for the rest of the family for comfort, strength and faith. (Posted 9/5/15)


Please pray for Joe Sport who is suffering from ALS. His condition has worsened in the last few days and he needs prayers for comfort. Also pray for his family.
Joe passed away on Monday, August 24th. Please continue to pray for the family. (Updated 8/26/2015)

Please pray for ke'Andre, very young son of Toytoy Paxton. ke'Andre has several serious health issues including his heart, abnormal head growth, liver and spleen problems. God is well able to heal this young child. Pray also for the family. Your prayers do make a difference. (Posted 7/20/15)

Pray for the Fort Smith School Board meeting tonight that there will be peace. The meeting commences at 5:30 PM on July 27th. (Posted 7/27/15)

Lara McGehee: Lara is having to fly to Tulsa's Children Hospital without her parents due to seizures. Please pray for protection, healing and that she will sense the Lord's presence. She will be there for some time without her family. Lara is only 3 year old. Please pray for peace and comfort for her family as well. (Posted 7/4/15)
Lara is reportedly being released, although she is still having mini-seizures. These are expected to continue until the medicine is regulated. Pray for a speedy healing and relief from these seizures. (Posted 7/4/15)


James Albritton: The son of Nikki Albritton needs healing for a rash that has broken out on his face.

December Perry: December's Cochlear Implant surgery has been completed and she is home resting. Please pray that December's healing will be speedy and that God will relieve the pain that she is feeling.
December had her one week check up from her Cochlear Implant and everything is progressing well. She is in more pain than she should be however, so continue praying for her that God will remove the pain so that she can have her implant activated (it can't be turned on until the pain subsides.) (Posted 6/30/15)

Calvin Hunt: Calvin (brother of Virginia Spangler) is returning to Houston today for tests on the cancer. He has a spot on the brain, two in the lungs and uretha. Please pray for a marked improvement and healing. (Posted 6/15/2015)

Nikki: Nikki is in need of a good vehicle. Her van is giving her problems and she isn't sure what the problem is. Let's pray for this need to be met and that Nikki gets good transportation.
Nikki's grandfather is still pretty weak and his platelet counts are going up. Please pray for healing, recovery and good health for him.

Gabrielle Kurschinski: Please pray for guidance, patience, more love, more of the Holy Spirit. Also for physical healing. (Posted 5/30/15)


December Perry: (Friend of Julie Johnson) December is totally deaf, but is having a cochlear implant surgery, which will restore her hearing. She is nervous and apprehensive about this procedure, although she is looking forward to being able to hear her children's voices. Please pray for a successful surgery and for peace for her and her family. The surgery is scheduled for Friday at noon. (Posted 5/27/15)

December's surgery had to be rescheduled. We will update when the new surgery date and time is available. Please continue praying for December.

The family of Will Lindsey: Please be in prayer for Will Lindsey and his family. Wills mother, Betty, passed away this morning. Pray for peace and comfort for the entire family. (Posted 5/24/15) For Betty Lindsey: Visitation - Wednesday from 5:00-7:00 PM.
Funeral Services - Thursday at 2:00 PM. Both occasions will be at Evans Chapel of Memories, 411 Dewey Ave, Poteau, OK. (Posted 5/26/15)



Mr. Antoine Guillory (husband of Jo Francis Guillory) passed away on Monday. Please pray for comfort and peace for the family.

The family visitation will be on Monday, May 18th from 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM at Lewis Funeral Home on Kelly Hwy. The service will be Tuesday May 19 here at "The House" at 11:00 AM a.m. (Posted 5/13/15)

The Lutz Family: The grandfather has colon cancer and has refused treatment due to his age. He is in the final stages. (Posted 4/30/15)


Grandmother of Brittany Barnes:Brittany's grandmother has a history of breast cancer and the doctor informed her yesterday that her white blood cell count was elevated. She has an appointment on Friday. Let's pray that her cancer has not returned, that lab the results mean nothing and her blood cell count returns to normal. Also pray for her peace and freedom from anxiety. (Posted 4/28/15)

Praise Report

Brittany's grandmother had her visit with the doctor today and there is no sign of cancer. The elevated blood count is thought to be due to a pulled muscle in her shoulder. Continue to pray for her that this issue is quickly resolved as she is in a lot of pain, but Praise God, there is no cancer.


Kaden (son of Julie Johnson) fell at school today with another young man landing on him breaking out two of his front teeth. Kaden is in a lot of pain.. please pray for a quick cessation of pain from this accident and a quick and total healing.


Nikki Albritton's grandfather's procedure was ineffective, however  his platelets started coming up on there own. Please continue to pray for him because he is still facing some challenges as he now has pneumonia. (Posted 4/23/15)


Rev. Everett Smith who is Randi Kay Coleman's grandfather passed away last night. Please pray for the Lord to comfort this family during their time of grief. (Posted at 4/15/15)


Rev. Smith's funeral will be Saturday at Edwards Funeral Home in Alma, AR at 10:00 AM




Nikki Albritton's grandfather has been having a lot of health problems. Today he had a procedure to help restore blood platelets. Please pray for restored health for this gentleman.

Terri Johnson (daughter of Alfredia Johnson): Terri is in ICU at Arkansas Children's hospital with very low blood count. Doctors had given her Iron and her body had an adverse reaction causing her blood pressure to drop extremely low risking a heart attack. Please pray for stable blood pressure, increased blood count and a medicine to keep her blood count regulated and stable. (Posted 4/6/2015)


Terri is being released to go home today. Please continue to pray for her recovery and that the doctors will find an effective and safe iron supplement that she isn't allergic to. (Posted 4/10/15)


Natalia: Natalia fell off the playset at school and broke her arm and suffered a concussion.  She will undergo surgery on Tuesday to put pins in her arm. Please pray for a swift healing and for peace for her and her mother, Jeanita. (Posted 4/4/2015)
Natalia's surgery has been rescheduled for tomorrow (4/8/15). Please continue to pray for Natalia and also pray for her mother who is undergoing stress and pressure with the situation and other areas in her life.


Sarah Buben: Sarah has been experiencing severe pain and it was thought that she would have to be admitted to the hospital. She has been given some medication that has helped and will be going home today. Please pray for Sarah that whatever is causing this pain will be alleviated and she will be healed.

Sarah has been admitted to the hospital with possible appendicitis. She is experiencing a lot of pain. Please pray for successful treatment and a cessation of pain.


Michelle Grant: Michelle is the daughter of Karen and Juan Flores. Michelle fell at work and fractured her skull. She is being airlifted  to Washington Regional Hospital in Fayetteville. Please pray for Michelle to be healed of any serious injury and for peace and calmness and peace for the family. (Posted 3/31/15)
Michelle is bleeding outside of the brain and her reflexes are good.The hospital will keep her for several days. The prognosis is good so far. (Posted 3/31/15 4:45 PM)
Wednesday Morning Update. Cscan last night showed no change, which is a good thing. They will let her eat liquids today and sit up. When she can eat and walk, she will be allowed to go home and rest. She is in a great deal of pain and they are limited as to what meds they can give her, but she is aware and responding well to all tests they present. Keep praying and many thanks for the prayers sent on her behalf so far!!! God is a miracle worker and we are seeing that manifest before our very eyes!!! (per Karen Flores posted 4/1/15)
PRAISE REPORT  Michelle is being released today and will be going home. "Thank you Jesus" and thank you for your prayers! (posted 4/2/15)

Wanda Harkins: Wanda is the mother of Jackie Hauser. Wanda is being placed in rehab in a nursing home because of a small stroke. Please pray for a speedy, successful rehabilitation, and also for peace, comfort and strength


Mylesiah Wright: Daughter of Shannon Greene. Mylesiah's papa passed away from a heart attack and Mylesiah was present when first responders were trying to revive him. She is having a difficult time  dealing with this. Also, please pray for her grandmother Shelia King and her dad and the rest of the family. Pray for comfort and strength.


The family of Odell English: Odell, the father of Pam Hendryx, passed away yesterday. Please keep this family in your prayers that the Lord will comfort them during this time of loss. Funeral announcements will be posted as soon as they are finalized.
Visitation will be Thursday at Edwards Funeral Home, 201 N. 12th Fort Smith from 5:30 to 7 p.m.
Graveside service will be Friday at 2 p.m. at Dora Cemetery


Calvin Hunt: Please pray for Calvin, the brother of Virginia Spangler. They have had to delay his chemotherapy again because it is having an adverse affect on his good kidney. Please pray for a treatment to address his cancer that won't affect his other organs. Pray for Virginia as well as she is very worried.

Tristan, age 6, (son of Karen Williams):Tristan is at Arkansas Children's Hospital undergoing tests because of seizures and other issues. Please pray for healing for Tristan.

Rachel Shamblin: Rachael is Erin Howard's sister and has been having seizures. She is currently in the hospital undergoing tests to determine the cause. Pray for a quick discovery of the cause and for a complete and total healing. (Posted 2/18/15)

Odell English: Odell (father to Pam Hendryx) is being admitted to the hospital with a bad foot infection and gangrene. There is a possibility he could lose his leg or part of his foot depending on how bad the blockage is. (Posted 2/13/15).

Odell's surgery will be today (Sunday 2/15/15) They will remove part of his leg just below his knee. Please pray for fast healing and steady hands for the surgeon. (Updated 2/15/15)


Roger Lane: Roger is undergoing chemotherapy to treat stage 4 Colon Cancer. Please pray for he and his wife, April. Pray for healing for Roger and for peace and comfort and freedom from fear for them both. (Posted 2/9/15)

Joey Cole and extended family: Joey's nephew's (Robbie) 5 month old daughter passed away last week. Please pray for peace for this whole family during their time of grief and loss. (Posted 2/9/15)

Evoynn Mcgee's Family: Evoynn's brother-in-law, George Dumas, passed away on Tuesday night. Please pray for peace and comfort for the family.
The service will be Saturday at 11 a.m. at St. James Missionary Baptist Church, 4225 High St, Fort Smith, AR with the burial immediately following at Oak Cemetery. (Posted 2/5/15)

Julie Johnson's Family: Kanessa is recovering from Strep and Korbin is recovering from Strep and the flu. Keyanna is on meds for flu since she was exposed, but so far she hasn't been sick. Julie has also come down with Strep.. Please pray that her elderly parents who live with her do not catch either. For a praise report, Kaden has fully recovered from his surgery.

Ryan Orsbun: Ryan is the brother of Scott Orsbun. Ryan is in critical condition at Sparks after having gone without breathing for 10 minutes. Doctors have him temporarily paralyzed and body temperature cooled down to help his brain. They will begin warming him at 11:00 PM tonight. Doctors say it is a wait and see situation. Please pray and believe for a complete recovery and that there will be no brain damage.

Virginia Spangler: Has the flu with congestion in both lungs. Please pray for her speedy healing and recovery with no complications. (Posted 1/25/15)

Calvin Hunt: Calvin is the brother of Virginia Spangler. He will be starting cancer treatment in Houston on Monday or Tuesday. Please pray for a miracle healing to take place in his body. (Posted 1/25/15)

Melissa Gilbert: Melissa will be having surgery Friday, January 23rd. Please pray for a successful operation and fast healing as well as peace. Please also pray for Elijah who has a double ear infection and has been having nose-bleeds. Pray for fast recovery for both Melissa and Elijah. (Posted 1/21/15)
Melissa reports that her surgery went just fine, She is just a little sore. Theey hope to be at church this morning. Elijah is over his ear infection and doing great! Thanks go out to everyone for the prayers! (Posted 1/25/15)

Sophia Herring, the 16 month old niece of Kari Herring, is having a rapidly growing cancerous tumor that is pressing against her lungs and liver removed today (Thursday) at the National Children's hospital in Washington D.C. Please pray for a successful surgery, complete healing and a smooth recovery without complications. (Posted 1/22/15)

Kaden, the son of Julie Johnson, is having surgery to remove his tonsils on the 13th. Please pray for a successful surgery and quick healing. (Posted 1/7/15)
Kaden's surgery went well. However, Keyanna is sick. Please pray for her healing and that her sickness will not spread to Kaden. (Posted 1/14/15)

Louise Orsbun, grandmother of Regina Henry passed away this morning. Please remember the family in your prayers for God to comfort them and give them peace.. (Posted 1/13/15)
Visitation and viewing for Louise will be Thursday, January 15th from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM at Edwards Funeral Home, 201 N. 12th Street, Fort Smith, AR 72901.
The Funeral will be Friday, January 16th at 1:00 PM also at Edwards Funeral Home. 

Becky Harris: Please pray for complete healing for Becky's stomach. She has endured a lot of pain due to a hernia and IBS. God is more than able.

Yvonee McGee & Family: Yvonee's brother, Glen Mingo, passed away recently. Please lift this family up in prayer for comfort and strength. (Posted 12/8/14)

The funeral will be Saturday, December 13th at 11:00 AM at 9th Street Baptist Church in Fort Smith.


URGENT REQUEST: A young man, who was once in a youth group let by Jackie Lindsey, was in a serious accident in New Orleans. He is now in surgery and is not expected to survive.  Please join with Jackie and The House in believing for a miracle for this young man... that he will live and not die, that he will not only survive, but will return to full use of his body with no lasting affects.

Mary Harrison and Family: Mary's father, Emery Allen, passed away Monday afternoon. Please lift up this family for God's comfort, peace and strength. (Posted 12/1/14)

Gary Coward (husband of Cheryl Coward) is in ICU suffering from pneumonia in one of his lungs and low blood pressure. Please pray for healing.

Malcom and Donna Reneau: Please pray for a safe journey to and from Florida. (Posted 11/3/14)

Malcolm is suffering from a broken jaw. Please pray for quick healing and releif from all pain. (Submitted by Julie Johnson 10/31/14) (He is having outpatient surgery on Wednesday, November 5th.)

Wayne Hawkin's brother-in-law and sister:

Please pray for the family of Blake Lomon, the grandson of Jesse & Sandi Nelke. Blake passed away on Sunday evening. Funeral and visitation times will be posted this afternoon.

Wayne's brother-in-law was in a motorcycle accident a week ago and is having surgery today (Thursday). They have a 15 year old special needs child and he won't be able to assist with his daily needs for awhile. Please pray for a successful surgery, quick recovery and healing and for the needs of this special needs child to be met with help for Wayne's sister. (Posted 10/23/14.)

The Family of Blake Lomon: Blake is the grandson of Jesse & Sandi Nelke. Blake passed away unexpectedly on Sunday evening. Please pray for comfort and peace for the family during this time of their loss.

Calvin Hunt: Calvin is the brother of Virginia Spangler. He will be in Houston on December 3rd for cancer treatment. Please pray for complete, speedy healing for Calvin. (Posted 11/23/14)

Harvey Spangler: Please pray for Harvey who has been in the hospital since Saturday. Doctors have not been able to diagnose the problem yet. Let's pray for complete healing and a quick return home for Harvey. (Posted 11/19/14)
---Harvey is back home, and though he is a little better, he lacks energy and is very short of breath. They are awaiting test results. Please continue to pray for Harvey and Viginia and family. (Posted 11/22/14)

Angela Gaffrey: Please pray for Angela to have spiritual discernment. (Posted 11/17/14)

Calvin Hunt, brother to Virginia Spangler, is at Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith. The doctors report that he has cancer on his kidney and two spots on his lungs. Currently, the plans are to remove the kidney in Tulsa on Thursday. Please pray for healing and for comfort and peace of mind for the family. (Posted 10/22/14)

Lolita McGee's son, Chris, passed away this morning. More details to follow. Please lift this family up in prayer during this traumatic time. (Posted 9/21/14)
Chris' funeral arrangements are as follows: Visitation will be this Friday (September 26th) from 6:00 PM until 7:30 PM at Lewis Funeral Home. The funeral will be Saturday (September 27th) at 11:00 AM at The House of Restoration. Burial will be at Washington Cemetery. Lewis Funeral Home is located at 4817 Kelley Highway, Fort Smith. (Posted 9/23/14)

Lawanda Page's sister, Tamashika "Shika" Prawl Brown, has passed away. Please keep the family in your prayers. Funeral arrangements are pending and will be announced as we have them. (Posted 9/15/14)
Funeral arrangements for Tamashika are as follows. Viewing will be September 26th from 5 until 7:00 PM at Lewis Funeral Chapel located at 4817 Kelley Highway in Fort Smith. The funeral will be Saturday, September 27th at 3:00 PM at First Church of God in Christ at 2037 N. 14th in Fort Smith, AR. The family will meet in the Rose Room at Creekmore Park after the service. Please remember to keep her family in your prayers.

Michelle Hilt's friend's husband is in the hospital at Sparks and has apparently had several strokes. He is having a procedure done today to determine what may be causing the strokes. Please lift him up in your prayers today. (Posted 9/15/14)

The family of Kathy Morgan-Ball: Kathy Morgan-Ball passed away this Saturday morning between 5 & 6 a.m.  Visitation will be Monday from 6 until 8 p.m. at Ocker-Putman Funeral home located at 4500 Jenny Lind in Ft. Smith, AR. The funeral is Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. also at Ocker. Burial will be at Barling City Cemetery. Please pray for comfort for the family. (Posted 9/13/14)

Tyrone Zanders: Tyrone is 29 and just recently suffered a stroke. Please pray that Tyrone's doctors will be able to determine the cause of this and prescribe an effective treatment/preventative. (Posted 9/6/14)

Kaden Johnson: Kaden will have an EEG at UAMS in Lowell on September 3rd. These results will determine if he has to go to children's in Little Rock. We will be keeping him off his seizure medications that day in hopes he will have a seizure while doing the EEG for diagnostic purposes. Please continue to pray that they find what's causing these seizuers. Thanks for all your prayers. Julie Johnson (mother) (Posted 9/1/14)
UPDATE: Still awaiting test results. Kaden has had 5 small seizures since the 3rd. Please continue to pray for God to heal Kaden from these seizures. (Posted 9/6/14) Update: Kaden'a EEG results were abnormal. The neurologist will make a decision on whether to send him to Children's Hospital for the 72hr video EEG. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Thank you all. (From Julie Johnson) (Posted 9/9/14)

Please pray for the safe return of Jaymal D. L. Campbell (20) who is currently missing. He was last seen in the Irvine, California area. (Posted 8/31/14)
UPDATE: Jaymal has been tracked to Bronx, New York, but is still not answering calls or texts. Please continue to pray for Jaymal and his family.

Jaymal has spoken to his mother by phone and all is well with him. He had been robbed of his phone and is currently living in a shelter in New York. She gives all credit to God and appreciated the prayers that went out for him. Although it hasn't been requested, please pray that Jaymal will be blessed and aligned in God's will for his life. (Posted 9/1/14)

Thomas Alexander went to the emergency room with an accelerated heart-rate. The doctors are giving him different medications to get his heart-rate stabilized. He will be in the hospital a couple of days. (Posted 8/25/2014)

Please pray for Kaden Johnson (son of Julie Johnson.) His seizures are getting worse and more frequent. He is to have an EEG and possibly a 72 hour sleep study EEG at Children's Hospital in Little Rock.

Rodger Coakley the brother of Don (& Yvonne) Coakley had a heart attack this morning and is needing prayer for healing. He is in ICU in Ohio.

Please pray for Susan Conway and family. Her mother passed away in California.

Please pray for Doug Byrd (age 20), a nephew of Nova Charlene Jackson-Chronister,  who has been shot and flown to a Tulsa hospital. Also remember Nova and the family as well.

Please pray for Shannon, a nephew of Sharla Goff. He has a morphine pump that is failing. Pray that that he will be able to get to a facility that can quickly replace it.

Please pray for Alison Smith's Aunt Tracey, who has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Pray and believe for healing for her and for peace, comfort, courage and faith for her and the family. (Posted 7/8/2014)

Gin Spangler & Family: Headed to Mexico on a cruise all next week. Please pray for a safe and happy trip.

Continue to pray for Lanita Chastain and family as they celebrate the homegoing and grieve the loss of Ron Chastain. Ron's funeral was today (Wednesay, June 25, 2014.) 

RON CHASTAIN has passed away in Oklahoma City after a long illness. Please pray for comfort and peace for Lanita and the family and that all necessary arrangements will be easily made. Ron and Lanita live in the local area, but he was in an Oklahoma City hospital due to his illness. This has been a long, hard struggle for the family; also pray for their strength to be renewed.

Ron Chastain: Pray for Ron and Lanita Chastain and family. Ron has been having serious medical issues and complications for many months. He has been in and out of hospital and near death. Currently, Ron is in Oklahoma City and in very critical condition. A post below from Lanita.

We arrived at OKC. Ron is very critical. Not good. Trying to wake him enough that he knows we are here. If alert enough we will Skype with Lauren so he could see the baby. Has an extreme blood clot in his left arm. He told the doc this morning that he didn't want his arm removed, so I agree. I declined putting a PICC line in the other arm. Blood pressure dropping, they are medicating to elevate it. Kidneys are declining. I think his body is too tired to keep up this fight! Prayers please!

Although the situation is desperate, God is soverign and can work miracles.

Monty (Brother in law to Jackie Lindsey): Please pray for Monty's healing and complete recovery from a heart surgery today. (Posted 6/17/2014)

SASHA GRAY: Please pray for Sasha (25), who is on her way to Qatar, a 13 hr drive from Iraq. She has volunteered to go for 6 months. She has a 7 year old daughter. Please pray for her safe return on the 1st of the year. (Submitted by Koscha 6/17/2014)

WAYNE HAWKINS: Please pray for Wayne as he has a swollen arm due to a bacterial infection. He is on anti-biotics now, but if there is no improvement in a couple of days, they are going to admit him for an anti-biotic drip. Let's pray for a complete and total, rapid healing of this infection and any other problems that might be present and an end to all symptoms. (Posted 6/16/2014)

Berlie McDonald: Betty Robinson's uncle, Berlie, is undergoing open heart surgery right now in LIttle Rock. Please pray for a successful procedure and a swift and complete healing.

Virginia Spangler:  Please pray for Virginia. She is having a colon test tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:30 AM. (Posted 5/28/14)
Virginia reports that the colon test went well.. Biopsy results will be returned in a week. She wishes to thank everyone for their prayers and requests that you keep her in your prayers.

Virginia Spangler is having stress and other tests on her heart today to check for blockage. Please remember Virginia in your prayers today.Virginia did OK with one of the tests. She returns on Tuesday for the rest of the tests. She wishes to thank everyone for their prayers. (Posted 5/23/14)

ROSA MAR'S brother passed away this afternoon. Rosa is on her way to the country of Panama where her brother lived. Please pray for comfort for her and the family and for traveling graces. (Posted 5/20/14)

Charles London (Julie Johnson's father) is being released from the hospital today. (Posted 5/18/14)

Please pray for Betty, the aunt of Pamela Hendrix. She is in bad condition in ICU and will be going in for a critical surgery to clear a blockage in her intestines. The prognosis is for only 50% survival of the surgery. Please pray for her and her daughter. (Posted 5/12/14)

Miquel, who lives in Panama and is a brother to Rosa Marrs, suffered a heart attack and is in ICU. Please pray for his healing. (Posted 5/12/14)

Christine Johnson is undergoing heart surgery. Please pray for a successful surgery and a swift and complete recovery.(Posted 5/12/14)

Yvonne Coakley needs prayer for herself and for her family. She has stage 3 cancer and they need the Lord to hep them through this. They are requesting prayer for strength and peace. We know that nothing is too big for God. Let's speak to this cancer and rebuke it and speak life and healing as well as strength and peace... in the name of Jesus.(Posted 5/12/14)

Charles London is out of ICU and back in a regular room. Having a hard time getting his appetite back though it's making him nauseous. He is also anemic and they gave him a unit of blood today. Thank you all for your continued prayers. The worst part is over. Praise God! Please continue to pray for complete healing and a quick recovery! (From Julie Johnson: Posted 5/13/14)

There is an immediate prayer request for Rusty. who is the brother-in-law of the Jackie Lindsey family. Rusty had a heart attack early this morning and is undergoing an emergency quadruple bypass. Two arteries are 70% blocket and two are 100% blocked. Please lift up Rusty for a successful surgery and recovery. (Posted 2:30 PM 5/10/14.)

PRAISE REPORT: Charles London had a successful surgery yesterday and is recovering in ICU. (Posted 5/10/2014)

Charles London: Julie Johnson's father is back in the hospital with failing kidneys. Please pray for Charle's healing, strength and encouragement.
Charles is having surgery this Friday beginning around 6:30 AM to have a heart valve replaced and possible bypass. This is a very critical and possibly dangerous operation. Please keep her family in your prayers. (Posted 5/8/2014)

Stevie Farris. Stevie is 12 yrs old and a friend of Erin's daugher, Amaica. She is undergoing surgery today at Shriners Hospital on her spine due to severe scoliosis. Please pray for her and her parents and family. (Posted 4/30/14)

Charles London: Charles, age 76 who is the father of Julie Johnson, has early stages of pneumonia and kidney failure with fluids backing up.  Please pray for Mr. London's complete healing and full recovery. (Posted 4/13/14) UPDATE: Charles has also been diagnosed with congestive heart failure having had several silent heart attacks. He is on anti-biotics and water pills. Please remember to keep Charles in your prayers. (Posted 4/13/14) UPDATE: Thank you everyone for your continued prayers, dad is doing a lot better the fluid is coming off good and his doctor said he may not even need dialysis now. (Julie Johnson: posted 4/16/2014) He is doing better. May get the cath out tomorrow and see if the fluid will drain on it's own. Getting his memory back!! Praise God!! Thank you all for your continued prayers!! (04/17/2014) Charles is doing much better and may be able to go home on Monday. (Posted 4/19/2014)

Elizabeth Hall: Elizabeth Hall passed away last night at St. Edwards due to medical complications. Please pray for her small children, her fiancé and the entire family as they deal with the sadness and grief of her sudden passing. Funeral arrangement information will be posted as soon as it is made available. (posted 4/11/14)

Johnna Lewis: A friend of Pam Hendryx, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. This is her third battle with cancer and is also diagnosed with a particularly rare form of MS. Please pray for Johnna's healing and believe God for her total transformation to divine health. (Posted 2/23/2014)

Richard Albritton: Had surgery today and it went well. His heart was at 30% before surgery and now at 50%. He is expected to go home tomorrow, but will have to undergo some rehabilitation. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. (Posted 2/18/2014) UPDATE: Richard is at home and doing well. Julie Johnson wishes to thank you for keeping him and his family in your prayers. Your prayers do matter! (Posted 2/24/2014)

Gin Spangler: Gin's uncle, David Buffington, passed away this morning (2/12/14). Please keep Gin and the family in your prayers. The funeral will be Saturday at 2:00 PM at Roberts Chapel Home in Booneville, AR. (Posted 2/12/14)

Lucas Moore: (Grandson of Curtis and Jan Moore.) Lucas is 35 weeks old and is in Mercy Hospital in Rogers. He neds to gain weight and be able to take a bottle before he can be released to go home. Please pray for the Lord to heal this infant.

Leslie Creekmore: (From Mandy McHugh-sister of Leslie via Julie Johnson) Leslie is in a St. Louis hospital battling the H1N1 virus. Leslie lost her unborn child to the virus and is unconcious and on a ventilator. Please pray for Leslie's healing and recovery and comfort for her, her husband, Chris and both sides of the family as they deal with this situation. (Posted 1/18/2014) UPDATE: The following was posted on the FB "Love For Leslie" page. (Saturday 1/25/14) Glorious day of praise today. 24 hours without bad news!!! She is stable, but still very very weak. She did have two major surgeries within 24 hours, after all. We are ecstatic!! Please make your prayers today those of praise. We will update you again this afternoon. We know the road ahead is a long and tough one. This is how we want it, slow and steady. But for today, we will celebrate God's goodness and the blessings you have all given us by covering our sweet Leslie in prayers. (Posted 1/25/2014) UPDATE: Medical Update (Wed. 1/29/14 8:00pm) The procedure to change the ECMO went well and Leslie is holding steady. The ventilator is down to 60% tonight, which is excellent news! Hopefully tomorrow they will be able to turn it down even more.  We are so proud of her fight and so thankful for God's hands in every situation that comes up. (from the Love for Leslie Facebook Page.)
CRITICAL UPDATE: Leslie is in VERY critical condition. Her liver is failing and she is in need of  a miracle. Please pray for Leslie. (Posted 2/9/2014)
LATEST UPDATE: Lesllie has passed away. Please remember her husband, Chris, and the entire family in your prayers.

Richard Albritton: Richard is in ICU at Sparks with congestive heart failure. flu and pneumonia. Please keep Richard in your prayers. (Submitted by Julie Johnson 1/18/2014) UPDATE: Richard has undergone a CT scan which indicated there is no brain damage. He is in a medical induced coma and is gaining strength. Richard has issues with diabetes and has fluid around his heart and lungs. Richard is Julie's daughter's (Keyanna) papa. (Updated 1/21/2014)   UPDATE: Please continue to pray for Richard. He is responding to having been taken off of sedation. They will perform an MRI and treat him for sleep apnea. (Posted 1/24/2014) UPDATE: Richard is out of ICU, but is still on a ventilator.

Linda Riggs: Linda will be having a second knee replacement on February 18th. Please keep her in your prayers as the date approaches. Linda is the mother of Kristi Woods. (Posted 1/2/14)

Will and Marcy Shores: Will is sick and needs prayer for healing. Please pray that Marcy stays healthy and free from sickness.

AJ: AJ is the grandson of Cheryl Coward. AJ has suffered from a chromosome disorder and is now suffering from an inner ear infection which is causing his seizures to be more frequent and painful. Let's pray for AJ to be healed of the inner ear infection and also healing for the disorder. (Posted 1/22/2014)

Skylar Renae Sopshire: Infant Skylar, niece of Tasha Cole, is in the hospital with jaundice. Please pray for her complete healing. (Posted 1/22/2014) UPDATE: Skylar is doing well. She has been home a few days and eating a lot and doing really well. Praise God for miracles. Thanks for your prayers - TASHA COLE (Posted 1/26/2014)

Gin Spangler and Family: Gin's dad, Eddie Hunt, passed away at 3:38 this morning (Tuesday 1/21/2014.) Please keep Gin, Tina Johnson and the whole family in your prayers. (Posted 1/21/2014)

FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS for Eddie Hunt, father of Gin Spangler: Visitation at the Martin Funeral Home in Waldron on Thursday, January 23rd, from 6 PM until 9 PM. The funeral will be at Waldron Pentecostal Church of God on Saturday, January 25th, at 2:00 PM. Please continue to pray for the family. (Posted 1/21/2014)

Allen and Constance Sopshire: Constance will be having baby Skylar today by induction. Baby Skylar is arriving early. Please pray for the team that will be delivering her and that every organ will be fully developed, no illness and no lack in the baby or mother's body. (Posted Friday 1/17/2014) UPDATE: Baby Skylar Renae Sopshire was delivered and she and her mother are doing well.

Eugene and Janie Scott: Janie has a bad cold and Eugene is having problems with his sugar level. Please lift this couple up in your prayers.

The Harris Family: The Harris Family's 11 year old daughter has a terminal genetic illness and is barely holding on. They have asked for prayer that God would comfort her. This is their first child; they had lost their only other child, a younger daughter to the same illness two years ago. Please lift up their daughter and the whole family in prayer. UPDATE: The Harris family's little girl passed away yesterday, January 1st. Funeral services have not been determined at this time. Please continue to hold this family in your prayers. (Posted 1/2/14)

K K Cravens: (Daughter of Vince and Carla Cravens) is in need of prayer. She has a cold with a runny nose, congestion and nauseousness (probably from drainage.) Please belive God to bring healing to K.K. (Posted 12/28/13) UPDATE: K.K. is doing better and doesn't have any fever now. Thank you for your prayers and thank God for his healing grace. (Posted 1/2/14)

Tammy, daughter of Gin Spangler, is having stomach issues. She has had an ultrasound, but the results have not come back yet. Please pray for her healing.

Eddie Hunt: Please pray for Eddie, who is not doing well. Eddie is Gin Spangler's father. (Posted 1/13/2014) CRITICAL UPDATE: Eddie is having kidney failure and is in St. Edwards hospital. Please pray for him and for Gin during this critical time as well as the whole family. (Posted 1/16/2014)

Gin Spangler has an infected toe. Her foot and toe are red and swollen. Please pray that Gin's feet are completely healed, that all infection is removed and that she will be able to return to church soon.

Pam Hendrix's brother had a quintuple bypass surgery on Thursday.  He is out of ICU and recovering. Please pray for his complete recovery and healing.

Kaden Johnson's (son of Julie Johnson) results from his MRI are normal. Julie wishes to thank all of you for your prayers. (Posted 12/4/13)

Terry, Alfredia Johnson's daughter, who is a Junior in high school, has been diagnosed with Von Willebrand disease (VWD.) They are waiting for results to prescribe treatment. VWD is a bleeding disorder, which in her case is causing the blood to not clot as it should. Please pray for Terry and her family. (Posted 12/2/13)

Dedra Lambert is in the hospital. Please pray for her recovery. UPDATE: Dedra was released from the hospital today. Please continue to pray for her to have peace and strength.

Gin Spangler: Gin will be having surgery on her foot this Friday. Please remember Gin in your prayers that she will have a successful surgery with little pain and a swift recovery. UPDATE: The Doctor thought Gin's foot looked really good, but he still ordered two more weeks of limited mobility. Gin won't be able to return to church until after then. Please continue praying that she will heal quickly. (Posted 11/19/13)

April, Rustee and Kami:This family was in an auto accident Tuesday night; April Crabtree and her two daughters, Rustee (14) and Kami (10). April has been released, but the two girls are still in the hospital. Pray for successful surgeries that must still be performed and for complete healing. Pray for healing of the emotional trauma as well.  April is the sister of Misty Kelley. (Posted 10/26/13.) LATEST UPDATE: Kami and Rustee are both home and recovering. (Posted 11/10/2013) UPDATE: Kami came through surgery today (11/6/13) with no sign of infection. She is healing quite nicely, but she is in pain from the IV's. Please pray for ALL pain to be relieved. (Posted 11/6/2013)

Damon Bercher (Teresa Bercher's father) passed away Tuesday November 5th,  There is no visitation and service will be Friday, November 8th at 11 a.m. at Edwards Funeral Home located at 201 North 12th Street, Fort Smith, AR.

Marvin Morgan (Kathy Morgan-Ball's father) passed away Tuesday November 5th. Visitation will be Thursday, November 7th from 5-7 p.m. at Ocker-Putman Funeral Home located at 4500 Jenny Lind Road, Fort Smith, AR. Service will be at 1 p.m. Friday November 8th at Arkoma Assembly of God located at 205 Sumner Ave, Arkoma, OK.
Walter Jones (Mary Harris-Sparks' grandfather) passed away Thursday October 31st. Visitation will be Friday November 8th from 6-8 p.m. at Mallory Martin Funeral Home located at 112 North Main Street, Spiro, OK. The service will be Saturday November 9th at 11 a.m. at Mt. Triumph Missionary Baptist Church located at 15802 Fort Coffee Rd Spiro, OK.

April Conway's mother has been weak and anemic lately, with abnormal blood work and loss of apetite. Her cancer doctor ordered more blood work and a couple of biopsies. Please pray for her that whatever is causing these symptoms will be completely healed, that she will get a good report from the doctors and that God's peace will overwhelm her.

John Edwards: John suffered a brain aneurysm on Monday at work and was flown to Little Rock. His prognosis is not terrific. Please pray for John to recover completely and for God to comfort his family and provide any needs that they may have. (Posted 10/24/13) UPDATE: John is slowly improving. Please keep him in your prayers. (Posted 11/5/2013)

Nick: Please pray for Nick. He is facing some big challenges in his life. In a 3 day period, he wrecked a vehicle, lost his job and his wife son have left him. Pray for God to have His will in Nick's life. (Posted 10/24/13)

Eddie Hunt: Eddie is the father of Gin Spangler. He is 86 and has been in bad physical condition for the last couple of weeks and the doctor is checking him today to see if he has developed pneumonia. Gin has been staying in the hospital with him for the last 9 days and is extremely tired and stressed. Please pray for Eddie and please pray for Gin to be restored. (posted 10/21/2013)

Kaden Johnson: (son of Julie Johnson) will go to Arkansas Children's Hospital on November 26th for a brain MRI. Kaden has been having seizures. Please keep him in your prayers for strength, courage and healing. Remember his mother, Julie, as well as all of the family. (posted 10/21/2013)

David Sims: Needs a reappraisal of his insulin needs to treat diabetes. He also needs cataract surgery, but doctors won't perform procedure until his diabetes is brought under control. Please pray for a quick resolution to these needs. God is well able

Monica & Cora Malouf: Monica was bitten by a spider a few days ago and is getting very sick due to blood poisioning from the bite. Her daughter, Cora, who is 7 months old is possibly being affected by this as she is still nursing due to allergies. Please pray for Monica that she will be healed from this sickness and for Cora that she will be unaffected. (Posted 10/5/2013)

Wanda English: Mother of Pam Hendrix passed away Monday evening. Please pray for the family that the Lord will comfort them greatly during this time of loss. (Posted 10/1/2013)

Carter Sanders: Carter (son of Riley Joe and Amanda) is having surgery on Wednesday (10/2/13) to remove a birthmark that has doctors concerned. Since he is red headed and fair skinned and the doctors have never seen something like this, they are sending the removed tissue to be analysed. Please pray that the surgery goes smoothly and the tests prove to show that there is no need for concern. Pray that little Carter is free from fear and also mommy and daddy. Amanda says "Thank you all in advance for your love and prayers..." (Posted 9/30/2013) UPDATE: Carter came through the surgery fine and is at home now. Please continue to pray for good results from the test. (Posted 10/2/2013)

Carrie: (Riley Joe Sander's cousin's wife) is diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. She will begin a daily regimen of radiation for the next 4 weeks, beginning October 8th. She is in daily pain. She has 4 kids. Please pray for her healing and for strength and courage for her and her familly. Also pray for Amanda Sanders and some of Carrie's other family/friends who will be helping with the kids, cooking, housekeeping, etc as it is really hard for them to see their friend in so much pain. Pray for their strength and energy to help and to stay healthy so they can be around her to lift her up and encourage her. Amands says "Thank you my beautiful sister and brothers in Christ Jesus!" (Posted 9/30/2013)

Mr and Mrs. Riggs: (Parents of LaVonda Hartgraves) Mr Riggs has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is refusing treatment. Mrs. Riggs is needing surgery to remedy problems with her feet. Please pray for God to bring swift healing and to increase their faith. Pray also for strength, courage, wisdom, patience, peace and fatih for LaVonda. (Submitted by Frederick and Lynette Thrower 9/20/2013.)

Infant Nephew of Mo Mingo: This little guy failed his hearing tests and is due to be retested next week. Please pray for healing for his hearing so that there will be no need for corrective measures. (Submitted 9/17/2013.)

Angel Necole's Father: He has been hospitalized in Michigan with pneumonia. A spot has been found on one of his lungs and on his liver. Please believe with us for total wellness and that these spots prove to be nothing. Also please pray for faith and strength for the family. (Submitted by Frederick and Lynnette Thrower 9/11/13.)

Yvonne Albritton: (Aunt to J.D. Frazier) is having surgery Wednesday, September 11 on 4 disks in her neck. This surgery is necessary to prevent possible paralysis in case of a fall. Please pray for a successful procedure and for peace and comfort. (Posted 9/10/13) UPDATE: Yvonne's surgery went well. After recovery, she will be moved to a room. (Posted 9/11/13) UPDATE: Yvonne is being released this afternoon and is doing very well.

Kaden Johnson: (Son to Julie Johnson) is having problems with seizures. Lab results are due back on 9/13 to determine what medicines will be needed to help control these seizures. A sleep deprived EEG is scheduled for September 20th. Let's believe God to heal Kaden so that these seizures will stop permanently and that no medicines are required.

Your prayers matter. A short time ago, a pre-mature infant was listed on the Prayer Connection page. The last update that we had was that he was gaining 2 ounces a day. A short time ago this message, posted by the little guys grandmother was relayed to us.

To God, fb friends/ family I would like to thank each and everyone of you who prayed, concern, text or called about my grandson. He got to come home today after being born 7 wks early, and weighing 3 pounds with all of the prayers going up God touched and healed his little body tubes start coming off, he start eating on his on and most of all he start gaining weight he is up to 5 pounds he is my little fighter and i want to give God ALL of the praise because when praises goes up blessings comes down. So again i thank each and everyone of you for everything you done for me, my daughter and my grandson from the bottom if my heart i love each and everyone.....fb family/ friends.

Faith Haddock: UPDATE- Faith's surgery went well on 9/13 and she got to go home Wednesday. (Updated 9/9/13)

Faith Haddock: Faith is having to return to Arkansas Children's Hospital tonight due to complications. Pray for traveling graces for her and family members. We will provide details as they are made available. UPDATE: from Melanie - Faith is going in for surgery at 2am (8/31/2013)., They are going to place a drain outside her stomach for 2 days and on Monday they will replace it with an internal tube in her stomach. Her spinal fluid was leaking out (of) her incision in her stomach. (8/31/2013) UPDATE: Melanie reports that the spinal fluid that was leaking was not infected, which is good news. She will have surgery on Tuesday to replace the tube in her stomach. (9/2/13)

Newborn Baby: Elizabeth Hall reports that Mo's sister had her baby 7 weeks early and he weighs only 3lbs 9oz. He is on a ventilator, has not been able to eat for 2 days and has an infection from the umbilical cord. He has ben fighting since he was born. Elizabeth says "So please, as many prayers as we can get is needed and is greatly appreciated. Thank you." Please remember this little guy in your prayers. UPDATE: This little guy is doing much better and is gaining weight at the rate of 2 ounces a day. Praise God. (8/31/13)

Melissa McFarland: Melissa is having a medical test Monday (8/26/13) afternoon. Please pray for a smooth procedure and a good report.

Pastor James Highsmith: From Frederick and Lynette Thrower. "Please join us in declaring healing for our uncle, Pastor James Highsmith. He has been diagnosed with colon cancer and is scheduled to undergo surgery within two weeks. By the stripes of Christ, he is healed, and we praise God in advance."

Faith Haddock: UPDATE: Faith's is out of surgery at 1:45. Everything went great! (8/19/2013) Faith's surgery to replace the shunt will be Monday morning at 9:30 AM.(8/19/13) Jonathan Haddock's daughter, Faith, is in Arkansas Children's Hospital. She has been having problems with seizures and infections. Several brain surgeries have been performed to address these issues. Please pray for her healing and for all infections to be successfully treated. UPDATE: The surgery to replace the shunt has been moved, yet again, to August 19th at 12:30 PM providing that all infections are cleared. (8/12/13) UPDATE: Faith has a staph infection in her shunt. The surgery went well, but she will be in the hospital for approximately 3 weeks. Once they kill the infection, they will perform another surgery to replace the shunt. Please continue to pray for her. (8/7/13)

Khywren Johnson: Khywren is the son of Trisha Barnes who is Julie Johnson's friend. He is having surgery at Sparks Hospital on August 8th at 7:30 AM, to have his tonsils and adenoids removed and to also have the lining of his nose thinned. Please keep Khywren in your prayers that it will be a simple, complication free procedure and that he will have a swift recovery. Pray also for freedom from fear for he and his mother. Pray that this procedure will relieve all symptoms and correct all problems. (8/7/13) UPDATE FROM KHYWREN'S MOM: "Khywren had a successful surgery with no complications. He finally woke up at 1pm and the first thing out of his mouth was "Mom is it time for surgery yet" lol he didn't even know that it had already happened. Thanks for all the prayers. Also pray that he has a quick & easy recovery." ---Khywren is home now, but it will take up to 2 to 3 weeks to fully recover. Thanks to Julie Johnson for relaying this information. (8/8/13)

Amaica Howard: Erin Howard and her daughter, Amaica, are traveling to Shriner's Hospital in Shreveport, LA today. Amaica has mild cerebra palsy and may need surgery later. They are going to Shriner's due to not having insurance that covers this need. Please pray for safe travel for Erin and Amaica and that all needs for Amaica and Erin will be provided. Pray for circumstances to change so that Erin and Amaica won't have to be making long journeys. (Posted 8/5/13) UPDATE: Amaica's appointment went well. She will be returning the 9th of September for further treatment. Please continue to pray for her needs and for the Holy Spirit to comfort her and Erin. (8/7/13)

Jonah Flores: Jonah's father-in-law, David Wood, passed away recently. Please keep Jonah and his family in your prayers. (Posted 8/2/13)

Lolita McGee will be having surgery tomorrow morning, August 1 at 8 A.M. Please keep Lolita in your prayers.
UPDATE: Lolita is out of surgery and in recovery. The surgery went well and she should be able to go home after recovery.

Benton Sims: Please pray for the family of Benton Sims (Stilwell, OK.) Benton's wife (age 46) passed away suddenly on Tuesday afternoon of a suspected aneurysm. She leaves behind a 12 year old and a 17 year old son. Benton is a customer of Jerry Sutton. (Posted 7/18/13)

Mike Mars: The brother of Gary Mars passed away Wednesday Evening. Please pray for the family as they cope with their grief.(Posted 7/11/13)

Faith Haddock - UPDATE: Faith is doing so much better. She is responding well to the medication. Thanks for the prayers. (From Melanie's Facebook post of 7/10/13)

Tyler: Tyler has swollen ankles and the doctors are not yet sure what is causing the ailment. Please keep Tyler in your prayers for healing.

Faith Haddock: Faith is having seizures and is going back into surgery Monday to correct a malfunctioning shunt (7/8/13.) Please pray for a successful procedure and a quick recovery. (Posted 7/7/13) UPDATE: Doctors have determined that Faith does not require surgery at this time, but she is undergoing tests to determine why she is having seizures. Please pray for healing for Faith and for peace for her whole family. (Updated 7/8/13)

Grace Stokes, Sue Brailey's neighbor, is recovering from a hospital stay. Please pray for a quick recovery and cessation of any pain. (Posted 7/2/13)

Evelyn Napier is having some tests run. Please pray for a good diagnosis and a quick healing. (Posted 7/2/13)

Doris Pendergrass (Glenda King's mother) is battling Alzheimer's which is in the last stages. Pray for her and for Glenda's entire family as well. This is a very difficult time for everyone involved. (Posted 7/2/13)

Jaylan Albritton: Jaylan, who is 8 years old, underwent sugery today. Please pray for a speedy recovery with no complications. (Posted 6/26/13)

Carla Craven's cousin Micah and his wife Jackie lost their home in the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. They have returned to work and are living in a rental home that is being paid for by the insurance company for a 6 month term. They seem to be doing OK, but their son, Jonathan Monroe, is having problems. Please pray for the Lord to minister to his innermost being and to give him peace and deliver him from fear and anger. They would also like to express their appreciation to The House for your prayers and support. (Posted 6/25/13)

Oscar Watkins: A friend of Jerry Sutton's step-son, Oscar is battling cancer. Please pray for healing and for peace with God. (Posted 6/24/13)

Kaden Johnson, Julie Johnson's 8 year old son, has been taking medication to control seizures, but in the past month they have been getting worse. He has an appointment scheduled at UAMS in Lowell on September 9th. God is well able to heal Kaden so that no medicaion is necessary. Please pray for him and his condition and pray for Julie as she comforts him. (Posted 6/24/13)

Emerson Meredith: Emerson is 2 years old, was diagnosed with Leukemia on 6/17/13 and is now undergoing treatment at Cooks Medical Center in Fort Worth. She is the niece of Bev Asbill, a co-worker of Carla Cravens who asked Carla to have The House pray for Emerson. Emerson's diagnosis is considered high risk because her white blood count was so high (65,000 compared to a normal of under 15,000). Emerson is responding well to the chemo treatment. A page has been setup to follow Emerson's progress on Facebook.

James Johnson: James Johnson's mother (James is husband to Alfredia Johnson), Doris, passed away Sunday (6/16/13.) Please keep James and Alfredia and the entire Johnson family in your prayers. (added 6/17/13) UPDATE: Doris Johnson's funeral will be Tuesday, June 25th at 11:30 AM at the New Hope Baptist Church at 18 South 14th Street in Van Buren, Arkansas.

Gary Mars: Gary's brother, Mike Mars, has an infection in his blood system. He is in ICU at the Veterans Hospital in Little Rock. He was scheduled to have his two legs amputated due to no blood circulation. Now doctors have delayed the surgery and are trying to work on the infection first. Please pray for our family. Thanks.
UPDATE: This is an email directly from Gary's wife, Rosa. "He (Mike) is not doing well. The doctors decided to send him home and not to amputate His legs. They could not get rid of the blood infection, therefore his body is just shutting down. So he is coming back home today to spend the rest of his life with the best care possible and with his family. Thank you so much to our church family for your prayers and concerns and please continue praying. God bless you all."

As many of you know, there was a bad accident just after service Sunday morning (6/9/2013) in front of the church.
There was a 79 year old lady that was badly injured and she later succumbed to those injuries. Please pray for her family, the others who were in the accident and also those who witnessed the accident. This was a particularly upsetting experience for at least one of the people who witnessed the accident. There were no members or guests of The House who were directly involved in the accident; but there were some who witnessed it. UPDATE: Further details are at 5 News Online.

Elizabeth Hall UPDATE: Please continue to pray for Elizabeth's grandfather. His left lung is still accumulating fluid although it was completely clear last week. He's lost about 49 lbs since he's been in the hospital (2 months.) Pray for healing and for relief for him and Elizabeth's grandmother.

David and Stephanie Lee's grand-daughter Ryan UPDATE: Ryan is believed to have PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) and is scheduled for surgery at the end of November. Please pray for God to heal her so that surgery will not be needed.

April Conway's mother had a tooth pulled on Monday and an MRI which showed all of her teeth are cracked. This is apparently due to an accident 2 years ago. She is in a lot of pain. Please pray for a cessation of the pain and for God to work a miracle in her finances.

Carla Craven's cousin, Micah and his family lost their home in the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. They are staying in a hotel in Norman at this time. Fortunately, everyone is OK physically, but please pray for their peace, comfort and for all necessities to be provided and for their lives to rapidly be returned to normal. This can be a very emotionally troubling experience for them, so k eep that in mind as you pray.

Moore Oklahoma: Please continue to pray for those who are personally affected or have family that is in the area. Pray for the natural needs to be met and for peace.

Faith Haddock: Jonathan and Melanie's 8 year old daughter, Faith, is scheduled for brain surgery on Tuesday (June 18) at Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. This procedure is to replace a shunt that drains excess fluid from her brain and relieves pressure. She has had this procedure 4 times previously. Please hold this family up in prayer and pray that the procedure goes flawlessly without complication. Pray for The Peace of God which passeth all understanding (Phiippians 4:7) so that there will be no fear or excess worry. UPDATE: Faith is coming home today! (Thursday 6/20/13)

Greg Wilson (ex son-in-law of Sue Brailey and ex brother-in-law of Cherly Coward) has liver cancer. He has been told by doctors that he has 1 month to live. Sue's daughter, Cindy, is driving to North Carolina where Greg is. Please pray for the entire family and for a safe journey for Cindy. UPDATE: Greg passed away Friday (6/14/2013). Please keep the family in your prayers.

Mr. Thompson, Barry and Melissa Watson's neighbor, passed away Sunday morning. Please keep the Thompson family in your prayers. (added 6/17/13) Mr. Thompson, Barry and Melissa Watson's neighbor, passed away Sunday morning. Please keep the Thompson family in your prayers. (added 6/17/13) Mr. Thompson, Barry and Melissa Watson's neighbor, passed away Sunday morning. Please keep the Thompson family in your prayers. (added 6/17/13)


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